Inbound Email Security Threat

Analyze Vulnerability
Through Security Assessment

What is Email Security Assessment?

Email Security Assessment refers to the process of real-time inspection and evaluation of the security status of the organization’s inbound emails. Through this process, the vulnerabilities in the email system can be addressed and improve security levels. Email security assessment involve conducting risk assessments for various security threats including malware, spam, social engineering attacks, and more. This enables organizations to raise awareness in email security and develop necessary countermeasures.

Additionally, email security assessment is a critical component of ensuring an organization’s business continuity. Email security threats can have a significant impact on business operations. Email security assessment provides organizations with an opportunity to identify and address their security vulnerabilities, helping protect critical information and prevent data leakage.

Vulnerability Analysis Process for Email Security Assessment

Monitoring and Analysis
The process involves real-time monitoring of an organization’s inbound emails and detailed analysis of email attachments, links, sender and recipient information.
Pattern Detection
It verifies whether the email contains malicious activities such as phishing attempts, social engineering attacks, malicious URLs, or other threats based on unique patterns and signatures, using virtual area (VA) techniques.
Results for Vulnerabilities
Based on diagnostics, it generates reports to provide analysis results. This helps organizations understand the types of attacks that have occurred and offers countermeasures for necessary security measures to respond effectively.

Analyze your vulnerable email security with Mail Inspector

In the increasingly sophisticated and cunning landscape of email security threats in today’s modern business environment, email security has become a crucial concern for both organizations and individuals. Conducting email security diagnostics through Mail Inspector, you can enhance the safety of email communication, protect for your organization and protect against data breaches and security threats. We provide tailored security measures based on your organization’s data to lead your business to a higher level of protection.

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Analyze Vulnerability through Security Assessment

Assess various email threats to identify weaknesses in the email system.

Prevent Unauthorized Access Attempts to Mail Servers

Prevent unauthorized and illegal intrusion to steal sensitive data in the mail server.

Block Malware Threats Hidden in Malicious URLs

Block harmful actions that lead to malware infection on the user’s device when accessing malicious URLs.

Prevent Unintentional Information Leakage Due to Insider Mistakes Mistakes

Prevent information leakage due to user errors or mishaps, regardless of their intentions.

Protect from Compromised Account Emails

Prevent malicious use of user accounts compromised by attackers to exploit other users’ personal information.

Prevent Intentional Confidential Information Leakage

Prevent users from intentionally leaking sensitive information externally.

Protect from Zero-Day Threats

Prevent damage from new forms of malware threats previously inexperienced.

Prevent Sophisticated BEC Attacks

Block actions where individuals impersonate executives within organization to gain access to internal information.

Block Email Spoofing

Prevent users from intentionally leaking sensitive information externally.

Protect Mail Server from Illegal Relay Attack

Protect from malicious activities compromising the security of the email server.

Detect Attacks Exploiting Email Attachments

Prevent the spread of malware through attachments with malicious intent.

Prevent System Disruption due to Ransomware

Prevent the infiltration of a user’s PC and system encryption through email attachments.

Protect Personal Information from Phishing Sites

Prevent email links from redirecting to malicious sites that extract personal information.

Detect Email Sending IP Route Change

Detect activities such as illegal access to users’ email accounts and identify theft through impersonation.

Analyze Hard-to-Identify Domains

Analyze actions that create domains similar to the original domain to cause harm.