All-in-One Email Security Platform Based on ITU-T X.1236

All-in-One integrated email security solution that provides consistent responses to threats across all areas from reception to sending, rather than separating them.

Protects All Stages of Emails by
Inbound and Outbound Email Security Platform

An All-in-One email security platform, based on ITU-T X.1236, that systematically protects every stage from the moment an email is received or sent.

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Determines the authenticity of the sender, differentiated inbound email security is capable of proactive responses to advanced social engineering and intelligent email attacks

Protects the Email Server from DDos Attacks, Illegal Access to the Server, and Mass Email Attacks
Fast and effective ‘spam-block feature’ based on database, combined with proactive detection of spam through ‘learning-based spam filtering’.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.3)

Real-time Detection of Scam Emails Disguised as Legitimate Emails
Real-time learning and analyzing the company’s email information to detect fraudulent emails undetectable by traditional anti-malware solutions.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.1)

Detection of Newly-emerging Malware and Ransomware Hidden in Attachments and URLs
Assessment of risk of the attachments and pre-blocking of new ransomware threats through a ‘3-steps static•dynamic analysis inspection’.

Controls sent emails, manages misdelivery incidents and prevents information leakage

Response to misdelivery, check if the email has been read, and restrict viewing the email body
Security email features provide the history of when the email was opened and the IP logs by the recipient, and manage misdelivery by restricting the viewing the email body.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.2)

Prevention of information leakage, and establishment of a sophisticated approval email system
Set detailed conditions to approve outbound emails such as putting specific keywords to the ‘Title/Body/Attachment’ or check whether it contains ‘image/large attachment files within body’.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.1)

Prevention of sending emails to malicious accounts
Share data of malicious accounts with the inbound email security solution and sends warning notification when replying to forged•falsified or malicious emails.

What’s SpamGUARD

Completely blocks spam emails, viruses, malware, and more.
Prevention of Using Relay Servers
Block unauthorized usage of the company’s domain by hackers.
Network Firewall Function

Block mass email attacks through email-intelligent firewall.

Learning-based Spam Filter
Customized spam-blocking filter through learning .

What’s ReceiveGUARD

Completely blocks both traditional email attacks and new, unknown scam email attacks.
APT Proactive Response
Response in advance through multi-analysis inspection.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.1)

URL End-Point Inspection
Response to real-time zero-day attacks and conversion of hazardous URLs to images.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.3)

Detection of Header Spoofing
Conduct validity check through header inspection and detect emails with altered sender addresses.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.1)

Tracking of Sender Location
Track the sending and routing location to verify the authenticity of the sender.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.3)

Detection of Look-alike Domains
Detect impersonation accounts similar to the business partners using machine learning technology.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.2)

Additional URL Inspection
During Email Viewing
Continuously inspect URLs within email body with each click to detect any malicious URLs in real-time.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.3)

What’s SendGUARD

Provides outbound email management to prevent information leakage, safe handling and convenience of attachments.
Security for
Internal Information Leakage
Block attempts of leakage of information by filtering settings.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.1)

Approval Email
Establish approval system for managing and supervising outbound emails of team members.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.1)

Retrieval of Secure Email
Able to check the recipient’s open history of the email and restricts viewing the contents.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.3)

Prevention of
Replying to Malicious Email
Share data with the inbound solution, gives a warning when replying to a malicious email.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.2)

Automatic Conversion of URLs
Automatically convert the URL with a SendGUARD appliance link for sharing.
Attachment Control
Easy and convenient post-management of regular and large attachments.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.3.2)

Our All-in-One email security solution is recommended for

Companies concerned about overload of the email server due to mass email attacks.
Can respond to mass email attacks using SpamGUARD!
Companies that have suffered from scam mails or ransomware.
Can respond to email APT attacks using ReceiveGUARD!
Companies concerned about the risk in leakage of new technology externally.
Establish sending policies and manage attachments with SendGUARD!

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All-in-One Email Security Solution?