Types of Targeted Email Attacks

A Targeted Email Attack, unlike typical spam emails, is an email attack aimed at specific individuals or organizations.

External attacks such as malware and social engineering attacks

Attacks that can result in internal information leaks and other damages to the outside.

Attackers accurately identify specific targets and aim to bypass the organization’s security systems to insert malware or extract personal and confidential information. This type of attack typically targets employees responsible for critical tasks within an organization, or executives. Targeted email attacks are often spear phishing attack, but they can take various forms.

Security Technology Procedures for Targeted Email Attacks

Targeted Inbound Email Attacks

The Seven Cunning Malware and Social Engineering Attacks Threatening Users.

Do you have an Email Security System in place to Defend Against Targeted Email Attacks?

Targeted Outbound Email Attacks

Information Leakage Due to Internal User Errors or Attacks by Malicious Actors.

Do you have an Email Security System in place to Protect Emails from Internal Threats?

Products for Countering Targeted Email Attacks

Advanced Targeted Email Attacks: APT, BEC

In-Depth Malicious Behavior Analysis in Virtual Area

Comprehensive Response Across
All Areas of Inbound and Outbound,

Not Segregated in Security

Prevent Information Leaks

From Malicious Insiders
Comprehensive International Email Security Standards-Based

Response for Both Inbound and Outbound Areas