Counteracting Targeted Attacks and Establishing Tailored Email Security through Email Security Diagnosis

Individualized Email Security Diagnosis

Preemptive Defense Against Targeted Attacks: Ignorance is Risky

In the digital age, targeted email attacks or spear phishing are becoming increasingly sophisticated and malicious.

Our email security platform offers state-of-the-art diagnostic features to protect your organization from these cunning threats.

Increasing Cyber Threats

The Need for Email Security Diagnosis in Mail Inspector Platform

Over the past 20 years, unpredictable cybercrime using email has consistently risen. Among them, cyber attacks initiated through email account for 91%, with targeted attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated.

In response to this, legal and regulatory frameworks have mandated the establishment of cybersecurity measures to ensure cyber stability and protection. As a result, cybersecurity diagnostics have become not just an option but a mandatory.

Understanding Targeted Email Attacks

Targeted email attacks manipulate specific individuals within an organization to deceive them into disclosing sensitive data, transferring funds, or infecting the network with malware. The three main types of such attacks include:

Real-time Threat Detection and Response

The Mail Inspector Platform monitors and detects email threats in real-time. By utilizing advanced threat Multi-AI and training algorithms with 45 predictive data variables, it identifies incidents and responds appropriately, minimizing potential damage to your organization.

Professional Analysis and Customized Response Plans

When a threat is detected, the Mail Inspector Platform’s email security expert team employs in-depth technical knowledge, insights, and diverse experiences, along with AI technology, to analyze the complex nature and scope of advanced-level email attacks. Subsequently, they provide a customized response plan tailored to your organization’s specific environment and requirements, ensuring prompt and effective issue resolution.

Customized security via Multi AI

The Mail Inspector Platform leads the industry in advanced threat security by utilizing Multi AI to establish customized email security for each user.

Multi AI is a technology that combines the main AI, which builds reinforcement learning algorithms through the collection of actual email information to learn predictive variables, with various sub-AIs. By leveraging this technology, the Mail Inspector Platform is at the forefront of intelligent email attack response.

Through cutting-edge security technology and in-depth threat analysis, it provides a comprehensive outlook for each threat. The Mail Inspector not only offers diagnostics but also provides forensic analysis and recommendations for and security strategy enhancement, comprehensively strengthening your company’s security.

Providing Comprehensive Reports

Mail Inspector Platform’s email diagnostic service delivers a comprehensive report in the Targeted Attack Handling Report, covering all email threats. It includes detection results and responses categorized by risk types.

This comprehensive guide helps enhance your cybersecurity posture and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Multilayered Diagnostic Approach

The email security diagnostic system of the Mail Inspector Platform adheres to the ITU-T X.1236employing a multilayered approach to diagnose and respond to targeted email threats.

Through this process, users gain a clear understanding of how secure their email environment is, allowing them to be more effectively protected from email threats.

Targeted Attack Handling Report

The email security diagnostic system of the Mail Inspector Platform provides a comprehensive document for each incident in the Targeted Attack Handling Report. This serves as a comprehensive guide demonstrating ways to enhance email security posture and fulfill regulatory compliance obligations. Each report includes the following content:

Preventive Measures and Response Plan

Mail Inspector Platform not only stops at diagnosis but also plays a role in raising awareness for threat responses.

The email security diagnostic system assists in developing a robust response plan, including the following:

Employee Training Module Tailored to the Latest Threat Landscape
This module aims to educate and raise awareness among organization employees about the latest email threats, helping them recognize and respond to these threats effectively.
Threat Isolation and Containment Response Protocol
Mail Inspector Platform provides protocols on rapidly identifying and isolating threats to support effective responses.
Incident Response Plan for Swift Recovery and Minimal Impact
Develop an incident response plan based on email security diagnostic results to aid the organization in quickly recovering and minimizing the impact of incidents.

Diagnosis Service and Activities

Email Reception Security Inspection and Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment
Evaluate the safety of received emails and provide measures to analyze vulnerabilities for enhancement and remediation.
Email Security Strategy Planning and Establishment Consulting
Assist in planning and establishing tailored email security measures for your organization, enhancing security policies and procedures to strengthen email security.
Current Email Security State Assessment
Assess the current state of your existing email security solution and policies, identifying areas that need improvement and suggesting enhancements.
Discovery of Simulated Incident Scenarios and Response Training
Conduct simulated scenarios and response training to enhance the organization’s preparedness for security incidents.
Evaluating the Impact of Email Security on Business Stability
Assess new email security policies or solutions’ impact on operations when introducing them, and provide recommendations for stabilization.
Diagnosis and Improvement Strategies for Email Security Network Architecture
Evaluate the network architecture supporting email security, providing recommendations for improvement to enhance efficiency.
Analysis of Defense Policies and Security Checks for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
Establish defense policies against targeted attacks on the organization, safeguarding it through safety inspections.
Review and Revision of Email Security Guidelines and Manuals
Review guidelines and manuals related to email security, revising them if necessary to ensure compliance with the latest security regulations.

Expected Outcomes

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The Reasons to Choose the Email Security Diagnostic System of the Mail Inspector Platform


The Mail Inspector Platform is comprised of cybersecurity experts with extensive experience in the field of email security. They possess the specialized knowledge required to support customized solutions for email security, covering everything from inbound to outbound communication.


The Mail Inspector Platform actively incorporates cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to proactively respond to cybersecurity threats. This enables rapid adaptation to the ever-evolving threat landscape and effective detection and prevention of intelligent phishing emails.


The Email Security Diagnostic System is designed to meet and exceed the 21 security requirements of the ITU-T X.1236. This ensures the highest level of security can be maintained.

Start with Accurate Diagnoses

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