Premium Inbound Security Platform
Based on ITU-T X.1236

An all-in-one inbound security solution that combines everything required for inbound email security, allowing users to use email at ease and protected against rapidly increasing email attacks.

Protect the Reception Stage of Emails
by SpamGUARD + ReceiveGUARD

An inbound email security platform based on ITU-T X.1236 that systematically protects the reception stage through a solution that combines SpamGUARD and ReceiveGUARD.

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Spontaneous Proactive Response, ‘Real-time, Dynamic, Learning’ based Powerful Security for Inbound Emails

Effective spam-blocking combined with learning-based spam-filtering
Fast and effective ‘basic spam-block feature’ based on database, and a learning-based spam filtering that actively detects spam.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.3)

Real-time detection of scam emails disguised as legitimate emails
Real-time learning and analyzing the email information from the company and detect fraudulent emails that are undetectable by traditional antivirus solutions.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.1)

Detection of newly-emerged ransomware hidden in attachments and URLs
Detection of both known risks and unknown threats through a ‘3-steps static•dynamic analysis inspection’.

What’s SpamGUARD

Completely blocks spam emails, viruses, malware, and more.
Prevention of Using Relay Servers
Block unauthorized usage of the company’s domain by hackers.
Network Firewall Function
Block mass email attacks through email-intelligent firewall.
Learning-based Spam Filter
Customized spam-blocking filter through learning .

What’s ReceiveGUARD

Completely blocks both traditional email attacks and new, unknown scam email attacks.
APT Proactive Response
Response in advance through multi-analysis inspection.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.1)

URL End-Point Inspection
Response to real-time zero-day attacks and conversion of hazardous URLs to images.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.3)

Detection of Header Spoofing
Conduct validity check through header inspection and detect emails with altered sender addresses.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.1)

Tracking of Sender Location
Track the sending and routing location to verify the authenticity of the sender.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.3)

Detection of Look-alike Domains
Detect impersonation accounts similar to the business partners using machine learning technology.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.2.2)

Reliability Test
Determine the authenticity of all inbound emails by learning and comparing analysis.

(ITU-T X.1236 Security Requirements 8.1.2)

Point of Difference

Smooth Email System Operation

Synchronization of data from SpamGUARD and ReceiveGUARD and pre-blocks malicious IPs, ensures operational safety by addressing server overload in advance of bulk emails.

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Our inbound security solution is recommended for

Companies concerned in the degradation of work environment due to mass email attacks.
Can respond to mass email attacks with SpamGUARD!
Companies that suffered from scam emails that did not contain malware.
Can respond to email APT attacks with ReceiveGUARD!
Companies that have experienced payment frauds.
Can respond to BEC attacks and phishing scam emails with different reply addresses using ReceiveGUARD!

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Inbound Email Security Platform?