Being a Smart Factory Can
Open Doors to Manufacturing Cybercrime

The rapid and accurate exchange of information and data protection are essential for trading companies. In the international trade environment, ensuring secure transmission of sensitive transactions and data is crucial to prevent the risk of confidential corporate information leakage.

Tailored All-In-One Email Security
for Trading Companies

Explore customizable inbound and outbound email security solutions.

The Surging Email Trade Fraud Crimes

Trading companies are prime targets for fraudulent criminal organizations attempting to disguise themselves or engage in email phishing to embezzle payments, as they frequently engage in payment transactions. Through such attacks, hackers may attempt payment fraud, monetary scams, and personal information theft, all of which can harm the reputation of trading companies. A secure safeguard against spear-phishing attacks designed to induce financial losses is essential.

Robust Protection Against Email Trade Fraud

Stay safe from spear-phishing, the targeted online crime aimed at specific companies.

  • Prevent trade fraud attempts by impostors using similar domain structures, mimicking local suppliers, government agencies, or agents.
  • Automatically identify malicious accounts that compromise internal employees’ accounts and demand changes in account numbers or personal information.
  • Evaluate the credibility of unverified attachments and links in emails.

Preventing Email Sending
to Malicious Accounts

Be cautious to avoid accidental information leakage when sending emails containing important contract and transaction details.

  • Safeguard sensitive data leaks and payment theft within the organization through email encryption and options like email recall.
  • Prevent email communication from malicious accounts that compromise employees’ email accounts through header manipulation or impersonate trading partners.
  • Ensure the safety of corporate data by checking for viruses in all outgoing emails.

Preventing Insider Information Leakage Errors

Prevent information leakage due to internal employee errors.

  • Prevent mistakes by requiring approval from senior management before emails can be sent.
  • Set a delay time before emails are actually sent to allow for recall after transmission.
  • Track and limit how many times external users can read encrypted emails.

Blocking Spam and Promotional Emails

Hackers can attempt to infiltrate networks or steal critical data through spam emails.

  • Automatically identify high-risk emails and categorize them by type.
  • Receive or block emails based on user-specified blacklists, whitelists, and greylists.
  • Monitor the reception status of successfully delivered emails and undelivered risky emails.

Enhancing Productivity and Reliability

Conducting transactions in an unsafe email environment can hinder business efficiency.

  • Prevent financial losses and boost your company’s financial stability, enabling employees to work more safely.
  • Safely transmit vital data in international trade activities linked to the global supply chain.
  • Achieve compliance with trade practices and regulations.

Expected Effects of
Email Security Solution Implementation