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Even small enterprises with limited IT resources can leverage the flexibility of our cloud-based inbound and outbound security platform. Elevate your security posture with an integrated email security package for inbound and outbound communication.

Email Security Solution for Small Businesses with Mail Inspector Platform

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Cybercrime Targeting Small Enterprises

Cybercriminals target not only large corporations but also small businesses. They employ socially engineered attacks aimed at individuals, with over 90% of all cyber threats originating from email. A single misstep, like one wrong click, can lead to multiple security threats. This is especially risky for companies with limited IT resources.

Preventing Unwanted Emails

Spam emails can be a waste of time and resources, and sometimes even pose security threats.

  • Review all incoming emails with spam filtering that can automatically identify and categorize unproductive spam emails.
  • Prevent blocking by adding desired sender email addresses to the whitelist using customized rules to prioritize important senders or work-related emails.
  • Stay alert with real-time notifications for emails identified as spam.

Preventing Threats Before Employees Click

  • Defend against the rising threats of APT attacks, phishing emails, BEC attacks, email spoofing, ransomware, and more.
  • Implement swift email protection and support through a customized cloud-based solution for businesses.
  • Monitor and secure employee accounts.
  • Enhance prevention and protection against continuous 24/7 email attacks.

The Importance of Employee Education

In the absence of dedicated security personnel, well-trained employees are essential.
  • Educate all employees to recognize phishing emails and be cautious of suspicious emails.
  • Assess their understanding through knowledge assessments to identify areas of deficiency.
  • Gain real-time insights into who is being targeted and how to prevent it.

The Significance of Data Security

Data loss can be critical for customer relationships.

  • Safely send outgoing emails that require encryption.
  • Securely recall emails sent in error.
  • Track and limit how many times external users can read encrypted emails.

Expected Effects of
Email Security Solution Implementation

Small businesses can obtain these benefits with relatively modest investments by implementing an email security solution, protecting their company from potential security threats in the future and supporting growth.

Secure Our Customer

One of the reasons small businesses choose the Mail Inspector Platform’s integrated inbound and outbound mail security package is their dedication to security and their customers. Managing email filtering and email encryption in one place can be cumbersome, so Mail Inspector Platform provides a one-stop solution that fulfills these requirements. Additionally, Mail Inspector Platform offers a cost-effective cloud-based email security solution, enabling ease of use without the need for separate hardware or software installation. This provides convenience for businesses and scalability as their needs grow.