Being a Smart Factory Can Open Doors
to Manufacturing Cybercrime

Secure your manufacturing industry from diverse cyber threats for safe transactions and trade across multiple countries connected to the global supply chain.

Tailored Security Solutions for
Manufacturing Industry:
Inbound Email Security Solution

Find the right email security solution for you.

Increasing Cyber Attacks
Targeting the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the most vulnerable sectors to cyberattacks. All types of data, including intellectual property, plans, processes, prototypes, recipes, and more, hold immense value, making data breaches a significant threat to the manufacturing sector. However, cyber risks threatening manufacturing go beyond data theft. Successful attacks through digital channels can have a profound impact on production. Therefore, compliance with regulations in exchanges with other industries is essential in this sector.

Minimizing Non-Productive Emails

Spam emails can be fraudulent attempts to solicit sensitive data, posing a risk of inadvertent information disclosure by employees.

  • Detect and block emails containing viruses or malicious software among spam emails.
  • Detect and block mass email attacks from attackers to protect network resources and prevent email server overload.
  • Safeguard corporate digital assets from hackers who misuse or breach the corporate domain to ensure security.

Protecting Real-time from Email Threats

  • Analyze work emails in real-time, swiftly detect threats, and protect manufacturing data and operations securely through immediate responses.
  • Receive rapid alerts for email attack patterns and abnormal activities, tailored to the unique needs of the manufacturing industry.
  • Safeguard the manufacturing environment with swift and effective security measures by fulfilling the advanced security requirements of manufacturing.

Fostering a Security-Conscious
Manufacturing Culture

  • Regularly provide cybersecurity training to employees in the manufacturing industry, informing them about the latest threats and response methods.
  • Utilize internal communication channels to share up-to-date security information and cases with employees, enhancing security awareness.
  • Verify that email security is optimal and efficiently executed by assessing cyber threats in manufacturing.

Expected Effects of
Email Security Solution Implementation