Email Security Solutions are
Essential for Government Agencies

Government Agencies, responsible for protecting citizens’ personal information and national secrets, can maintain public trust and protect their image through Mail Inspector Platform. Email leaks can lead to issues like privacy breaches and national security threats.

A Specialized Inbound and
Outbound Email Security Solution
for Government Agencies

Discover customizable and buildable email security bundles.

Government Agencies
Targeted by Fraud Crimes

Government agencies and administrations are prime targets for fraud crime organizations attempting disguise or attack through email phishing. In these attacks, malicious actors will try to acquire sensitive information, and information leaks can damage public trust and the image of government agencies. Protection from phishing scams targeting customers and secure defense against spear-phishing attacks on government email accounts are essential.

Defense Against Cybercrime

  • Ensure the safety of your employees and internal staff by continuously monitoring and strengthening security 24/7, protecting against various cyber threats such as targeted email attacks, BEC attacks, email spoofing, and ransomware.
  • Provide rapid email safety and support with an all-in-one device, without the need for separate software installation.
  • Monitor employees’ account activities closely and respond immediately when abnormal activities or threats are detected.

Security Awareness
in Government Agencies Still Insufficient

Improving security awareness in government agencies is especially important.

  • Regularly provide cybersecurity education to employees to keep them informed about the latest threats and response methods.
  • Utilize internal communication channels to share the latest security information and cases with employees, raising security awareness.
  • Clearly define and support government agencies security policies and guidelines, ensuring that employees understand and comply with them.

Essential for All Organizations and Individuals

Internal information leaks can have a variety of negative impacts beyond simple data loss.
  • Prevent leakage in advance by encrypting critical emails.
  • Ensure robust protection of sensitive information that can be exposed through email.
  • Verify the presence of viruses in all outbound emails.

Enhancing Information Security Strategy
for Government Agencies

Employees should have a simple procedure to report and handle spam emails.

  • Protect the network by monitoring email traffic and implementing spam filtering and firewalls to identify spam emails.
  • Implement spam blocking through learning and set custom rules to effectively manage spam emails, thereby enhancing information security for government agencies.

Expected Effects of
Email Security Solution Implementation