Cloud Service Provider

Achieve meaningful business growth by entering into a partnership with Mail Inspector Platform.

Partner Profile

Cloud Infrastructure Provider
Provide robust and reliable hardware and network infrastructure, supporting the delivery of stable and high-performance services.
Cloud Security and Compliance Specialist
Assist cloud service providers in maintaining reliability and business stability by providing a secure and regulatory-compliant cloud environment.
Cloud Migration and Management Specialist
Establish customized migration strategies for enterprises, providing the specialized technology and processes required to smoothly transition the entire IT system to the cloud.

Why Become a Mail Inspector Platform Partner

We adhere to over 40 security requirements of the ITU-T X.1236 email security standard and provide advanced cloud-based email security solutions. This can contribute to enhancing your service portfolio as a cloud service provider.

You can gain expertise in Mail Inspector Platform’s products and services specialized for cloud services. As a partner, you can enhance your technical knowledge and know-how, staying updated on the latest security trends.
We provide tailored solutions and customization options optimized for the cloud. This supports partners in effectively addressing the diverse requirements of their customers.

Partner Benefits

Mail Inspector Platform ‘Cloud Service Partners’ can enjoy various benefits and support.

Partner Application Process

Mail Inspector Platform is always ready to partner with various companies.

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Partner Cooperation Regulations

Mail Inspector Platform is built on mutual trust and collaboration with our partners.

Partners collaborating with us are expected to adhere to regulations for a successful partnership.

Partner must

  • Enter into a written agreement.
  • Possess the technical expertise to understand, explain, and sell our products and services professionally through Mail Inspector Platform’s education and certification program.
  • Offer the benefits of Mail Inspector Platform to customers and actively engage in marketing activities.
  • Provide feedback for product improvement and service enhancement.
  • Respect the intellectual property of Mail Inspector Platform and refrain from illegally distributing or transferring it to third parties.
*Detailed regulations will be provided during the partnership agreement process.