Security Solutions for
Safe Business Communication

Enhance security for the protection of critical corporate information and regulatory compliance while improving productivity.

The Best Choice for
Medium and Large Enterprises

Learn about our email security bundles tailored to your company’s size.

Cybercrime Targets Businesses of All Sizes

Cybercriminals target businesses regardless of their size. Even large enterprises can be exposed to significant security threats with a single small mistake. Protecting important data and business processes is a critical challenge for all companies. Furthermore, cyber attackers continuously evolve their attack techniques and explore various attack vectors, so all businesses need to adopt higher levels of security measures.

Upgrade Business Security
with Real-time Threat Detection

  • Analyze and detect threats in real-time from your business emails and respond immediately.
  • Monitor email attack patterns and receive instant alerts for abnormal activities.
  • Utilize security solutions suitable for your organizations to meet all business requirements.

Strengthening Cyber Threat Response
within the Organization

  • Increase awareness of cyber threats among employees and enhance their ability to identify targeted email attacks.
  • Support employees in staying updated on the latest technologies and security practices to promote an internal security culture.
  • Encourage all members to collectively maintain data security and collaborate in responding to threats.

Information Security Strategy
for Mid-sized and Large Enterprise

Data is a critical asset.

  • Prevent the leakage of sensitive information within the organization through encryption and retrieval measures.
  • Identify and block malicious emails to keep corporate data secure.
  • Safeguard critical data to enhance your business reputation.

Protecting and Streamlining
IT Resources from Spam Emails

Spam emails waste mail server and network resources, occupying backup and data storage space, leading to inefficient utilization of a company’s IT resources.

  • Prevent your employees from wasting their time and resources dealing with spam emails, allowing them to focus on their tasks.
  • Efficiently utilize IT resources to save data storage space and bandwidth.
  • Secure your critical data and corporate information from spam attacks.

Expected Effects of
Email Security Solution Implementation

Mid-sized and large enterprises must consider more complex security requirements, making the adoption of email security solutions an important decision.

Adapt Flexibly with Mail Inspector Platform's Email Security Solution

  • It can be adjusted according to the size of the organization and the complexity of its IT infrastructure, allowing it to adapt to various requirements and enabling custom configurations when needed.
  • With robust detection capabilities, it can swiftly identify and respond to cyber threats.
  • Powerful reporting and auditing features enhance regulatory compliance and increase transparency within the organization.
  • It caters to large-scale data processing requirements, supporting the growth and data management of the enterprise.

Mail Inspector Platform plays a crucial role in meeting a company's unique requirements and ensuring the security of confidential information and sensitive data. As a result, organizations can maintain a secure business environment and gain a competitive edge.